Why I Will Not Criticize President Jonathan Again.

Before you make any assumptions, nothing ‘don hit my account.’ My reason for not criticizing Jo boy is simple.

The ‘man’ Goodluck Jonathan is not in charge of himself. Focusing on criticizing him is the same as doing so for that unruly 2 year old baby. For the baby, you hold his/her minder responsible.In most cases it would be the parents.  In the case of Jo Boy, his minders change at random. For the baby, the minders most probably have the baby’s interest at heart. In Jo boy’s case, they certainly do not.

Jonathan’s gaffes are monstrously amusing. We cannot claim we did not seeing it coming. Last year, he was told to ban the Super Chickens for not doing well in a tourney they did not prepare for. Ban he did! Hell broke loose, unban he did. In a twist of reverse fever, he unbanned the importation of furniture and other rightfully import-prohibited goods. Hell broke lose, reban he did.

He randomly pulled out a 7 year tenure out of his hat. Back into his hat he will soon put it. Same for fuel subsidy. Increases, decreases, puts soldiers on the streets, removes them, reads speech, commissions bus, YouWin then you dont win.etc. Absolutely no method to the madness.

Of course he approves every proposal that hits his desk without asking the most basic of questions. The ID card and plate number scams come to mind. 

At the moment, he is not so sure about being SURE.

Jo boy randomly babbles about how he will tackle Boko Haram, Power etc (depending on who whispers in his ears that minute). Unfortunately, random whispers are worse than leaving the man alone.

Having a zombie baby puppet as President is not always a bad thing. With a tight-knit team of great minders and controllers, he will work wonders. Nobody will care about the race, sex, religion of those truly in control because the president would be who they see. However, when you have resident-mode incompetent randoms pulling the strings, you have the Jo boy administration.

Henceforth, President Jo boy gets a pass. He who is not in charge, shall not be focused on. It is simply a waste of time. We cannot keep fighting a man for not giving what he does not have. “e no dey, e no dey”.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.– Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

How then do we move forward? I think I have an idea. My next post will answer the question.

PS: I’ve just been told gbagaun too plenty in this post. Let us deal with this once and for all. I cannot spell. And I just don’t see typos. E no dey.