Dear President Buhari, Here’s Pulse From The Streets

Buhari with the masses

Thanks to my pre-election activism,  anytime I leave my compound, the gatemen (onye kuzi, we have too) from the adjourning compounds greet me “Sai Baba!”

This has been the status quo EVERY SINGLE time I leave my house. It became tiresome to me because  sometimes I just want to continue my train of thought while leaving the house.

At the turn of this year,  it continued. This particular old soldier’s whose voice was always loudest would add “oga no worry, things go soon beta”

Yesterday,  3 of them were outside as I stepped out of my gate, as with the norm, I heard the “Sai Baba” chant and as I prepared to raise my two hands to respond “Sai Buhari”, I head the following from the old baba

“Abeg which kain Sai Baba. I don tire! Hungry wan kill person”

I turned and noticed the usual smiling face adorned with a crooked teeth was replaced with a frown. I quickly responded. “Ah Baba, wetin happen? No vex budget don pass things go start to change now”.  He kept mumbling and I decided to surrender the 200 naira in my pocket to him.

He thanked me and gave me the equivalent of that polite smile emotion that is used to “die” chat conversations.

Little anecdotes like these let you know the true feelings of those on the streets.

So my dear General, I just thought you should know what’s happening. I still have faith in you and your ability to get this right.  And you can be sure of one thing, I’ll always let you know what I truly think and what i see happening.  Those “protecting you” from the reality do not mean well for you.

Remember, this will be remembered as the Buhari government.  It’s your name on it.

PS:  I have the belief that you will ensure justice is done for the victims of the Kaduna Shi ite genocide.