Like Corbyn, Like Buhari

Jeremy Corbyn

Before dismissing me as an SEO scavenger due to my choice of title, first understand the double entendre at play.

Inasmuch  as the backgrounds of Buhari, Nigeria’s President and Corbyn couldn’t be more different, (soldier vs. activist) they have a lot of likeness and for that, I like the both of them.

For those that are not aware, Jeremy Corbyn was just announced the leader of the Labour party in the United Kingdom and he did so in spite of  being a rank 1-200 rank outsider that was consistently pushed back by the establishment.

Thankfully they failed.

So why do I like Corbyn? The same fundamental reason I like Buhari. Consistency over the years. It is such a tragedy that the “hater politicians” that tried every underhand tactics to keep Corby at bay have failed to understand that a vast majority of the people are tired of “typical politicians”

To be honest, I really did not know Corbyn until a little over 3 months ago. my heart warmed up to me immediately after I read the other candidates pushing for “policies that will win power” as against policies that are backed by belief.

As I read more about Corbyn and read more of the embarrassingly hapless interventions by the likes of the war criminal Blair, it was obvious my mind was in the right place. Like with Buhari, they threw the kitchen sink and it made him stronger. It also helped that like with Buhari, Corbyn is a fan of government backed/ public owned institutions and infrastructure.

I actually find it amusing that the pseudo capitalist who scream “free market” run quickly to government when they fail.

Would Corbyn succeed? I do not know. But we need clear alternatives of policies and government and we should try all out.

What I do know though is that were Corbyn PM, the disaster in Syria, Iraq, Libya and co would not have been and this work world would have been a much peaceful place today.

Onward Jeremy, and godspeed!