The 10 Errors Gaddafi Made.

Since Gaddafi lost out and was killed, it is obvious he made several errors. I would like to point out the 10 of them that I can identify. This is in no particular order.

  1. He stayed too long in power and believed he was invisible so did not make plans for non-invisibility.
  2. He should have been a bit more humble. He mistook Acquiescence for loyalty from the ‘African Leaders’. They hated/envied him quietly.
  3. He should have had a transition plan in case of emergency. He did not prepare for the Arab Spring Libyan edition.
  4. He should not have given the speech vowing to crush the insurgency. He should have just done it.
  5. He should have joined Twitter and communicated with the world directly. it would have gone a long way to dilute the western propaganda.
  6. He had too few powerful friends. Should have allied with the Russians and/or the Chinese. Not Italy!
  7. He shook hands with the West and did not look back. How could he not have learnt from Sadam???!!! DO NOT DESTROY YOUR WEAPONS! EVER!!!
  8. He should have asked Saif to play good cop and not publicly jump to his defense.
  9. He should have dispatched Saif Al Islam to prevent the UN resolution.
  10. He should have gone on exile? I do not know. I do know he kept his word fought to the bitter end and died on Libyan soil. #BraveGeneral. #ShunSir

So after Gaddafi, Mugabe remains the last African leader who puts Africa first. The so called Presidents of the other African nations are glorified District Officers representing the interests of their colonial masters.