The End Of Gaddafi. Africa’s Last General.

It is being reported that Colonel Gaddafi has been killed. He was killed by NATO.You may accuse Gaddafi of being anything but a coward. He had the balls to stand for what he believed in.. to his death. He promised to die on Libyan soil and he did.Take a look at all the heads of states in Africa and imagine one that would almost come close to his bravery. Hello Jo’boy!”Strike the Shepard and the sheep will scatter”In my opinion, the absolute worst turn has taken place with the killing of Gaddafi by NATO assisted with the ‘rebels’ on the ground. Now that there is not central command, we will see real chaos from the Gaddafi camp. Ask Iraqi’s what happened when Saddam was taken out.We all know that this war was totally unnecessary. If the west wanted, there would have been a peaceful resolution of the crisis and the destruction of Libya would have been prevented.The wounds created by this ‘war’ will take generations to heal. Libya, oh Libya!While this was just another movie for the west, the destabilization of Africa has just begun. We would start seeing the impact and implications of this unnecessary war.

The Libyans will rue the day they allowed foreigners take over their land. They are in a far worse situation.Just to point out, Gaddafi was far from being an angel. He was eccentric and certainly committed many evils. Just like most leaders and governments of the world. But no foreign entity has the right to go and destabilize another nation for its selfish benefit. Had this been an internal coup, I would have had no problem with it.But for foreign countries to decide topple a government and kill her citizens indiscriminately with the media cheering them on?Ok Syria, you are next. I predicted this decade will see or very nearly see a third world war. I stand by that prediction.