How To Remove Fuel Subsidy Without Problems For Dummies (Nigerian Edition)

  1. Give a comprehensive speech to the nation informing them that the government plans to ‘raise’ $20billion over the next 2 years.
  2. Explain what SPECIFIC capital expenses the government intends to make in the next few years e.g. “We will build 3 refineries in Nigeria”. “We will Construct 2400 km of 6 lane roads. 400 in each geo-political zone”. “We will complete power projects that will provide additional 2000MW of electricity.”
  3. Explain with proof that you have raised  30% of the money required by reducing recurrent expenditure of the government by 60%.
  4. State with proof that salaries of political office have been pegged with the civil service. Raising $2 billion in the process.
  5. Remind the populace that the capital expenditure will create economic activity in the country.
  6. State that some sacrifices have to be made by everyone.
  7. State government subsidy from fuel will be removed to raise the other 70% of the finances. And the pains will only be short term.

Anything short of that Mr. Jo’ boy, will be the beginning of the end of your government.