How Can Jonathan Succeed? Here’s A Brilliant, Radical Idea.

Let’s take over the government. No, not a coup. Now read.

In my previous post, I argued that it is a waste of time fighting Jo boy because he is simply not in charge and more importantly, were he in change, he does not have what is required of him: good, strong and purposeful leadership.

His limitations in themselves are not that bad, however,

1. Jo Boy randomly listens to advice from random people.
2. Most of those he listens to certainly do not have the interest of the country at heart.  While most of others are grossly incompetent (I exempt people like Sanusi, Nnaji, Jega and like three others from this)

So how do we make good of this very bad situation? i.e a puppet presido with the wrong string holders. Get the right people around Goodluck ‘not a lion’ Jonathan

Here is my theory:

It is easier to get rid of those traitors (Hi Mr Abati!) and incompetent ploitical jobbers right now, that to wait for 3-6 more years (7 year term??) and say “I told you so” and hope the non-existent opposition (most of which are sour grapes primary election loosers) would take over and do good.

Yes, you read me right. We (forward thinking citizens) all should just join PDP. It is going to be much easier to take over the evil PDP than to win them in a general election. It is just the painful simple truth.

If we succeed, then the random people Jo boy will be taking advice from would be ‘our people’ so while it would be PDP flesh, it would be a renewed soul.

Take a second and imagine this:

  • Ribadu as Chief of Police
  • Bakare as Attorney General
  • *El Rufai as head of the national policy think tank.
  • Fashola as the head of Governors forum
  • Oby Ezekwesili in Education
  • Colonel Umar in Security
  • OBJ as a prison inmate
  • etc etc.

You get the idea.

In theory and name, it would be a PDP government. In reality the soul would have changed.


  • Well, we can act now. not until the next election which PDP will still win (there is no opposition)
  • It is cheaper, easier and more feasible.


  • While ‘taking over PDP’, PDP might take over you.
  • It will kill the opposition (which does not exist)
  • We end up discovering we are all the same.

Taking over PDP will be like hacking into that monstrous evil gigantic robot , formatting and reinstalling your own software. No need to go through the task of building another robot which you hope can defeat the evil bastard.

So what do you think of this ‘unthinkable’ idea?

*I will talk about El Rufai in a subsequent post.