Treasonable Corruption vs Capitalist Corruption. Lagos vs. Abia States

The first half of this post is a rehash of a post I wrote sometime in 2011. It starts with a joke comparing Italian and Nigerian politicians. But first, I have to state this clearly as I am not into yam and goat parables


The number one symptom of resident Nigerian leaders is what I call treasonable corruption. Treasonable corruption is corruption that weakens the state and its citizens. This story below will show the difference between corruption and treasonable corruption.

There were two politician friends. The one from Nigeria called OJBee and the Italian called Belunisco.

OJBee went to visit Belunisco in Italy who showed him his great wealth. Belunisco showed him his flashy cars, his lush houses and his latest private jet. “This year alone, 30 million dollars” Belunisco said smiling. OJBee asked, “Ahhh! How you do it?” Belunisco smiled and said, “I will show you”

Belunisco then took OJBee to the 30th floor penthouse of his latest luxury apartment and pointed far away and said “You see that bridge over there?” OJBee responded “Yes, Yes, Yes”. Belunisco replied, “15%”.

OJBee thanked Belunisco and invited him to visit Nigeria in 18 months. “I will retaliate” were OJBee’s parting words.

In 18 months, Belunisco visited Nigeria and retaliate OJBee did!

OJBee showed him his latest Estates “Do not mind these useless bad roads” as they galloped in OJBees latest jeep. “I have 7 more jeeps in case this one spoils. I spent $1 million on big generators and I have diesel supply for the next ten years. “I made $100 million in 18 months.” OJBee said smiling.

“How did you make all this money?” Belunisco asked. “I learnt from you o” OJBee replied. “Come let me show you”

They took a helicopter ride to Onitsha.

“You see that second Niger bridge?” OJBee asked. Belunisco replied, “No”.

OJBee said, “100%”.

That my friend is treasonable corruption. While Belunisco is corrupt, OJBee is treasonably corrupt. Corruption is everywhere in the world and does not lead to underdevelopment. Treasonable corruption does.

Corrupt citizens do not practice treasonable corruption. Corrupt residents do.

Take a look at Abia and Lagos states and compare the level of development in both states since 1999. The PDP and Igbo apologists who all have their houses in Lagos would want you to believe that they are all the same when it is clearly not the case.

Tinubu and Orji-Kalu
Tinubu (Lagos) and Orji-Kalu (Abia) 1999-2007

I remember last couple of years during the deportation saga, shameless Orji Kalu was trying to lay so much claim to Lagos on behalf of the Igbos after putting his state on the path of penury.

Here is and illustration expanding further: State A and State L have allocation of N1 billion/month.

The principal of State L finds a way of increasing it to 10 billion/month and diverts N5 billion monthly for personal use and uses the remaining N 5 billion to develop the state.

The principal of State A diverts 900 million from the 1 billion and leaves the state with 100 million

You can decide to say the State L guy increased revenue by 4 Billion monthly or squanders 5 billion monthly (it’s both).

You can decide if State A is better than State L since he stole “only” 1/5th of State L or if he is worse by stealing 90% of State A’s income.

A huge problem is that in a land filled with State As, the state L guy is clearly king.

Fashola (Lagos) and Theodore Orji (Abia) 2007- 2015
Fashola (Lagos) and Theodore Orji (Abia) 2007- 2015

My opinion is simple. Both of these guys are thieves and should be jailed ( I actually want worse but I digress). However, if I were forced to choose between the governor of State L and State A, my choice is very clear. State L every time!

Now the PDP is trying hard to convince people that A and L are the same instead of clamping down on both  or at worst having L to be the minimum acceptable.

PDP is so endemically corrupt that rather than persecute Tinubu a political enemy who they say is corrupt and has had no immunity for 8 years, they decide to do a documentary whilethe PDP goons and zombies cheer on seeking their turn.

Elections on the 28th of March everyone chance to make a statement. Either endorse the way things are or vote to CHANGE it and try another.

The choice is yours.

PS: Like I said at the beginning