A Jonathan Loss is Important for Good Governance In Nigeria

Over 300 days after the abduction of over 200 school girls from Nigerian territory, the Jonathan administration sent Okonjo Iweala to Chibok. She is the highest member of the administration to visit the location of the scandal that would define Jonathan’s ineptitude as Commander in Chief and Chief Security office of the Nigerian state.

Okonjo looks to be in somber mood. NOT!


However, it is pertinent to note that barely a month after the abduction of the girls, Okonjo Iweala stated that she was tired of having to talk about the Chibok girls.

So what changed? Elections.

When it became clear to Jonathan that he would lose the 2015 elections and his legacy would be tainted forever, he orchestrated the postponement of the elections for 6 weeks and began to trying to fulfill the responsibilities for which he was elected. The Nigerian army (arguably lead by Chad) is now claiming back lost Nigerian territory and wiping out the rag-tag terrorists. He even visited Baga and Mubi where he previously said his presence wasn’t important.

This brings me to the question Jonathan would have to answer when this is all over. What would have happened if Jonathan’s Presidency was not at risk? What would have happened if elections were one year away?

We’re aware of the answer to the second question which is ‘nothing’. Boko Haram would have continued killing our citizens and gaining Nigerian territory. Political expediency is the only reason Jonathan decided to protect the citizens he swore to protect. Boko Haram is being as a political tool by Goodluck “I treated Boko Harem with kid gloves” Jonathan.

Thankfully, the citizens have not been fooled. They were not fooled by the phantom fuel price reduction which has cost Nigeria a few hundred billions of Naira and they wouldn’t be fooled by this emergency onslaught of Boko Haram.

Why a Jonathan Loss is Important for Good Governance

If Jonathan knew in April of last year that the Chibok girls would cost him his elections, he would have done something in the 36 hours it took Boko Haram to organize the logistics to carry the girls. Rather, he and a number of our treacherous fellow ‘citizens’ denied the existence of such incident.

If Jonathan knew that allowing Boko Haram to grow from a few ragtags that could be handled by the Nigerian police to an armed unit embarrassing our Army, he wouldn’t have treated them with kid gloves.

Commander in Chief Goodluck Jonathan Sits Down to Address Nigerian Troops
Commander in Chief Goodluck Jonathan Sits Down to Address Nigerian Troops

If Jonathan looses this election, then whoever becomes President would be aware that the people can vote them out if they decide 6 months is too long for the Universities to be closed down or that young citizens dying because they decided to look for a job is unacceptable.

However, if Jonathan wins this election, it would be clear that being in power is all that matters to stay in power. Loosing 5 states to a bunch of rag-tags and squandering off all the nations wealth would not be such a big deal. Borrow money from the Chinese to refurbish a few trains and you’ll be guaranteed your birth right of two terms would be given to you.

It’s left to us to decide the message we want to send.