Re: Nigeria drafts in foreign mercenaries to take on Boko Haram | Reuters

The West African security source said several hundred foreigners were involved in running major offensive operations against Boko Haram, and were being paid around $400 a day in cash.

via Nigeria drafts in foreign mercenaries to take on Boko Haram | Reuters.

Rather than empower our soldiers and train millions of our unemployed and capable citizens to guard, this government would rather pay mercenaries. What’s more evil is they are paying these guys in a day far more than they pay our guys in a month.

Isn’t that pathetic and evil?

We are not even talking about the danger of a government!!! (not rebels o) using mercenaries. What happens when they stop being paid? Or someone pays them more (they are mercenaries remember?)

If course, there is “little issue” of empowering the various tribal militias within Nigeria with contracts. Ensuring they have the cash flow to recruit more members and stock more weapons.

Jonathan is dangerous to the survival of Nigeria. There is absolutely no way Nigeria can survive four more years of his ‘leadership’.

Of course there are a bunch of Nigerians that see nothing wrong. Their myopic brains cannot process implications beyond 28th of March.