The Weird NYSC act and 234Next’s ‘Hatchet’ Job

This will be brief.

First of all I am in full support of a National Service scheme. The NYSC needs reform and the Deziani case a a prime example.

If you attend University, you cannot be a Minister if you have not done NYSC. If you did not attend University, you do not need the NYSC certificate.

Since non University graduates are appointed as ministers, it going to University puts you at a disadvantage.

This makes no sense whatsoever.

The 234Next ‘Hatchet’ job

It is obvious that 234Next has an axe to grind with Deziani or maybe someone who has an axe to grind with here is giving info to 234 next.

However, I find it really silly for people to attack 234next for doing their job no matter how selective it seems at this moment. The questions should be:

  • Are the stories true?
  • Do they deliberately overlook stories of other people?

I personally think this NYSC story has killed the steam of the “Jeweler Sweetheart Deal” which is a far more important and incriminating story. The NYSC story should have come before it.

I know Maiduguri was bombed again my previous position on Jonathan’s failling still stands. Of course there are people that will rather we keep quiet about the insecurity of the nation because speaking out means we are with the terrorists. Awesome logic.