Abuja Bomb Blast: When Will Enough Be Enough?


For how long shall we allow politics to halt our brain cells? I do not mind being accused of seeing nothing good in Jonathan but do you guys realise the HQ of the Nigerian Police Force is supposed to be one of the safest places in the country?

Everyone from Governors to diplomats visit the force head quarters so this should be kind of a final straw.

I cannot count the number of bombings that have occurred since October 1st; but I am sure it is more that all the bombings since the Biafran war put together.

More amazing that the same service chiefs have been in office since the the bombings began. How about that for incompetence?!

I have never been a fan of Jo boys ability to keep my country safe but I was willing to give him a chance; then we have this! When does it get enough, after they strike Lagos?!

So if the Inspector General of the Nigerian police is not safe, who am I?

Jonathan said he knew the people behind the the October 1st bombings. Mr President where are they?

Please do not mention Henry Okah; he has been locked up since about 10 bombings ago.

The way forward? Heads should roll! People have to be sacked! People have to be sent to jail. Nothing short of the death penalty for those that get convicted. Mr President has to grow some balls and take action. No citizen(s) should be greater than this nation or hold it to ransom.

The cowardly ‘amnesty strategy’ is clueless and not sustainable and seems to have come full circle. It shows weakness which has no place in any nation.

Without security, there can be no nation.

Jo boy fan boys, go ahead and attack me. Just know that when these fuckers strike, they cannot differentiate between yourselves and I, your friends, families and mine