Hookes Law.

Hookes law states that if force is applied to an elastic body it will return to its original state provided it’s elastic limit is not exceeded.

Although I am off Twitter and Facebook temporarily, I cannot avoid the news of the constant attacks by “Boko Haram”.

After the numerous attacks and bomb blasts, I am reading that the 100 arrested Boko Haram members will not be tried based on the President’s “carrot and stick policy”.  The policy of this administration is to beg those who attack and threaten the security of our nation.

As a result, the nation is continued to be plunged into greater danger by the day. Bomb attacks have now become a daily occurrence and nothing has changed. The VERY same security personnel supervised by President Jonathan are overseeing the erosion of lasting peace of our country.

The elastic limit of safety, peace and tranquility in Nigeria is being exceeded before our very eyes and NOTHING is being done about it.

Very soon, it may be too late.