Questions From Libya

The United States has now officially recognized the Libyan rebels as the true representative of the Libyan people.

What nonsense!

First of all let me make this very clear, I think Gadaffi is a mad man and should be sent to a hospital far away. Not too long ago; he called l for the split of Nigeria into two. Karma huh?

However, my not liking Gadaffi should not mean I should not speak against the American and NATO backed double standard coup taking place in the oil filled North African country.

Are we now saying if a good number of people  say 1 million people in Maiduguri, Northern Nigeria or California, USA pick up arms against the government in power, they are now the legitimate representatives?

  • How many people oppose vs those that support Gadaffi?
  • Who determines which side speaks for the Libyan people?
  • When did the mandate shift from enforcing a no-fly-zone aimed at protecting civilians to installing a new government?
  • What happens when/if Gadaffi is topples and his supporters pick up arms and oppose the foisted government?
  • Why is one law for Libya and another for Syria?
  • How many protesters will it take for Iran or Venezuelan to be invaded?
  • What about Zimbabwe? Lolz..will not happen, no oil.
  • Can Israel unilaterally decide to protect the Palestinians from Hamas or the Lebanese fro Hezbollah?

First they came for Gadaffi..