Tenure Elongation: The Inmates Have Finally Taken Over The Asylum

When I first heard of the plot for Jonathan to elongate the tenure of the Presidency it sounded too bad to be true. Only an insane person would propose to tamper with that aspect of the constitution while the country is boiling on various fronts and still smarting from the last elections.

I was wrong.

So embarrassing is this move, that vehement supporters of Jonathan are trying to look at the “concept of tenure” in principle; not as it affects Jonathan. Unfortunately, the two cannot be separated.  The logic Jonathan and his boys present is that elections cost a lot and are too contentious. So the intelligent response is to make them more valuable. By stating elections are a problem in Nigeria does than not mean Jonathan is indirectly calling for no election? *GASP!* … that would be treason!

Conspiracy theorists have rumored before that Jonathan is merely acting a long written script to “Sudanize” Nigeria. Whereby, the country is split into two, so the “oil rich South” can have its way. I now believe them.

Let me give you an equivalent of what Jonathan is attempting to do. Remember, this is not only about Jonathan being in power but about Southern rule for 22-23 consecutive years by method of deception. (Yaradua never ruled this country) Can you imagine if immediately Buhari became head of State the first bill to the assemble was to make Arabic the second official language of Nigeria? “In principle”, it would make sense because a vast majority of  Nigerians learn only Arabic. Doing so will improve the literacy percentage of Nigeria. It would also expand our access to knowledge, business opportunities, etc. etc.

By sponsoring this very irresponsible bill first, Jonathan has putthe proposed success if his administration in jeopardy because so early in this administration he will divide the National Assembly, various parastatals, and the Nation. He has set the tone for the next four years.I once asked if Jonathan had goodluck or gave badluck to people directly above him. As president, Nigeria is the only thing above him.

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