The Fall Of Gadaffi

Befor we all jubilate, let us ask ourselves if it is proper for armed groups within a country to be backed by foreign forces to topple the established government.

My simple answer is no.

If it is a yes, why are Myanmara and Zimbabwe not yet ‘liberated’ with their far weaker armies?

The reward for the foreign liberators would no doubt be the control of Libyan oil resourses. and of course construction contracts to rebuild what they destroyed. Yup, it would be funded by the Libyans.

Gadaffi of course brought this upon himself, feeling like a god, he did not deem it fit to ally with the Russians, Chinese or other important countries. Not a single country came to his aid. I am sure he is having hunched shoulders now.

I really hope this turns out well for the Libyans. Considering the role Islamic militant groups played in topling the government, I forsee a new battle.

Let us see how this plays out.

Oya Asaad, Ahmedinijad and Chavez; you know every.

I hereby call on the African Union to be dissolved. It is a waste of name, time and space. It is clear Africa is independent in name only. The performance of African ‘leaders’ in Ivory Coast and now Libya is embarrassing at best.