When your enemy’s enemy is not your friend.

  • The West hated Gaddafi for political and more importantly financial reasons.
  • A little percentage of the population hated Gaddafi for political reasons (‘Freedom’ etc)
  • Extreme Islamic fundamentalists (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group amongst others) hated Gaddafi for not allowing their form of Islam reign

The ‘Arab spring’ Libyian edition was an opportunity the enemies saw as the perfect chance to topple Gaddafi.Topple they have done. Yaaaay!! Right?


The LFIG is like the child of the Taliban and Al Qedda but holing Libyan citizenship. In the West’s desire to topple Gaddafi they have inadvertently allied (not the fist time. Hello Taliban and Bin Laden) and befriended with universal enemies who now have a firm sake in ‘The New Libya”

Abdelhakim Belhadj of the LIFG is the commander of the Tripoli Military Council. A few days ago, a there was an assisted a jail break of all their members from a high security prison in Libya. Or as CNN and other western media put it, they was a liberation of prisoners at a notorious Tripoli prison.

When ever this dust settles we would be seeing a new base of terrorism right here in Africa. It seems Malaria, AIDS and IMF are not enough.

So what so what will be the result when the HQ of Terror is based in the Middle of North Africa? When people like Muttalab do not need to travel all the way to Yemen for training? When LIFG is 3 hours flight away from Boko Haram?

Of course NATO, America and co knew all of this but you see, it is not on their turf and this one is sweeter, they have no soldiers on the ground so expenditure and risk are really low. While the Libyan oil will flow in the right direction, violence will flow in ours.