Quick thoughts on the Election Violence

First of all, I totally condemn all forms of violence currently taking place around the country. It is unfortunate that things are turning out this way.

It is more unfortunate that people have started putting the blame at the door step of Buhari and asking him to call ‘his supporters’ to order.

It will do you well to quickly read Simon Kolawole’s piece of yesterday

The first thing that should happen is that ALL top four candidates should address a press conference and call all of their supporters to order .

After ‘Jonathan the candidate’ speaks at the joint press conference, ‘Jonathan the President’ should show why he is commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed forces and prove that he can secure the nation.

ANYONE who is behind this should be brought to order. ANYBODY.

For anyone following the elections, we all know the recent North-South tension started (again) during the PDP presidential primaries and these elections have ignited a n already tense situation that has been in existence for a number of decades. Of course is issue is much more than that.

What is more scary now (As Kolawole said some weeks ago) is that Northerners are fighting Northerners. It is different from what used to happen  (Igbo vs Hausa; Christian Vs Muslim)

So I will as you Nigerians that can read this to refrain from blaming anyone. It is inflammatory, helps no one and only makes a very bad situation worse. When the blame game starts, common sense is thrown out of the window.

Without peace, ALL OF US lose.