Now Jonathan has Been Declared Winner.

I would like to say congratulations to President Jonathan on being declared the winner of the concluded elections. The contents of his acceptance speech is a step in the right direction.

I remain loyal to General Buhari and I am very proud to have supported him in this campaign.

I also wish to thank Prof. Jega for the efforts he has put in conducting a free and fair elections. I am happy I remained in support of you even when the first elections were canceled.

Although I believe that this elections was free and fair at most Polling Units, there are questions yet to be answered at the collation level. I hope this gets ironed out quickly. I would like everyone to focus on the forthcoming Governorship and State House of Assembly elections and we can continue with grievances thereafter through legal means.

The violence in the North has more to it than meets the eye. People would want to reduce it to Christian vs Muslim; North vs South. But if a the Palace of an Emir is burnt, and the Sultan of Sokoto is pelted with pure water by northern Muslims, you have to be really ignorant not to think differently.  Do not get distracted by the random lunatic who goes burning Churches and Mosques anytime there is a problem no matter how distant is is from religion.

I call on the President to use his power and position to secure the lives and property of all Nigerians.

I also call on all Nigerians to be rational in their thinking, words and action as anything you do or say can make a bad situation worse.

Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure peace and stability rests upon us all.