In Search of a Scapegoat

I am still trying to get the logic of people who are desperate to blame Buhari for all the violence currently enveloping the North and trying so hard to absolve Jonathan THE CURRENT president and chief security officer (CSO) of Nigeria. The irresponsible ‘bigotic’ article by Reuben Abati is the epitome of it all. This is not a rejoinder. Someone has done that already. This is a call for reasoning and logic.

One of the fears I had about Jonathan being president was his ability to be the CSO of Nigeria. His inability in this regard came to the fore when two bomb blasts occurred ON INDEPENDENCE DAY in Abuja. I was in Abuja on that day and heard the blasts live. The blast claimed the lives of a number of people including my classmate Tahir.

Since Jonathan assumed office, thousands of people have been killed. From the massacres in Jos to bomb blasts in Bayelsa, Borono (where a governorship candidate and brother of the sitting Governor was killed), to the blasts in Abacha barracks in Abuja, to the blast in Suleja, etc.

NOT ONE PERSON has been brought to book (whatever that means).

This latest killings in Kaduna is however different; for the first time, there is a public political opponent that ‘people’ are desperately trying hard to make a scapegoat. Than person is Buhari.

I am asking that before you join into the boat that plunge Nigeria into a vicious cycle that can destroy us all, let us hold fire and reason a bit.

Was Buhari/CPC involved in the continuous Jos killings?
Was Buhari/CPC involved in the Bomb blasts that rocked Abuja on Independence day? And Abacha barracks some months later?
Was Buhari/CPC involved in the Suleja bomb blasts?

Is Buhari responsible for the ethnic and religious crises that have plagued Nigeria for decades?

What is the role of government in securing our lives and property?

Now let us assume that CPC is directly involved in this current crises and killing in the North, what is the government supposed to do? Do we let a group of people hold the country to ransom?

Hating Buhari, is one thing; try desperately to hinge security failure of the government (because of his ethnic and religious extraction) is another.

Like I said in a comment on Facebook, this incident has allowed people to comfortably expose the latent bigot in them. At this moment, I would not want to be a Northern Nigerian.

We have successfully allowed what was supposed to be a political issue to become a religious and ethnic one. It is just a shame!

This is a crucial moment in the Nigerian state. It will either make us or break us finally.

We have to confront the demons from the past. We should ask questions and not trade blames. (if you blame my guy, I will blame yours and it will be a  merry go round)

It is a shame that we have blended so well[into the western press sereotype “Nothern Muslims and Southern Christians.

I am actually tired of it all. I just ask that we Nigerians to not help make the famous US prediction that Nigeria will break up by 2015.

It would be tragic. We’ll all lose.


PS: Please pardon the incoherrent nature of this post. It is my stream of thoughts. It is a combination of the sadness in my heart and the constant generator noise in my head.

I have no comment on the burning of Bakare’s house yesterday.

I will be taking a break from posting here  (baring something extraordinary happening) to do some reading. About the coups, the Biafran war, colonization, etc. It is good to understand how we ended up here.

May God grant eternal rest to those that lost their lives in this crisis and give their friends and families the fortitude to bear the loss.

May EVERYONE involved in the ALL the crises that have ever plagued Nigeria NEVER know peace. AMEN!