Election Thoughts Part 1

My absence was caused by the combination of being busy, having no light to blog in the morning, my preferred writing time.(I moved house and did not have light for almost 2 weeks straight), temporary disillusion with the electoral process etc etc.

These posts are obviously late, but it is better to document thoughts late than never.

My ‘Election Thoughts’ series will cover MY VIEWS on Buhari’s candidature (spoiler alert: I am still proud to have supported him); that of Ribadu and of course the declared winner President Jonathan.

I hope to also cover my thoughts of the Nigerian Youth in this electoral process; The Christian South Vs The Muslim North; The election violence up North that Killed quite a number of people (God bless their souls); My Political Future (I dey form Awolowo) and my thoughts of the Nigeria’s political future.

These topics should be covers in about 4 short posts in no particular order.

Of course I did not forget about the Ndi Igbo political leaders. How can I forget those clowns.