Why I Don’t Give Suggestions To The Nigerian Government.

One of the biggest criticisms I and many government critics receive is this. “Why are you always complaining, why don’t you give suggestions to the government?” I will try and use this post to explain my position.

Those who know me know I am VERY opinionated. I have a suggestion for almost anything. If you read my tech blog, almost all my tech posts have suggestions and recommendations.However, in the case of the Nigerian government, I have decided not to bother because, as structured, the government (powered by PDP) is deliberately not interested in my stupid smart ideas. My goal for political blogging is simple, ensure my “anger against evil” is always burning until I can do something about it.

On suggestions

One of my biggest critics on my “lack of suggestions” is a smart young man that goes by the name Mark Essien. He loves giving suggestions. His latest is a simple and brilliant suggestion on how the government can save 30 billion naira on the “National ID Card Project”. He rightly points out mining existing data got from the Electoral register, Passport office and the SIM registration can get proper information on about 60 million Nigerians. Then the rest can be done gradually. (PS: He even forgets that we already have National ID cards which only need to be updated with our latest picture and biometric data).My good friend Mark, bad governments are not interested in your stupid smart ideas. Neither your’s nor mine. 

Hear this.

Lucky Igbinedion ruled Edo State for 8 years. It may interest you to know that at the end of his tenure, even the road that passes the front of HIS MOTHER’s house was flooded and in a terrible state with several pot holes. Edo State has had a Minister or a Minister of State for Works for at least 7 of the past 12 years. I do not need to tell you the state of the federal government roads in that state. The chap called Ogiemwoyi actually stopped construction on a federal rad in Edo State for political reasons.As a friend of mine put it, “if a man cannot love himself, how can he love you?Nigeria’s problem has, and will never be knowing the right thing to do.

All our governors have houses outside the country. They know what good roads look like. Knowing what to do has never been the problem for them. Nigeria has documents to restructure almost all the sectors in the economy. They just do not want to do what is right. Simple.

My Stupid Suggestions

After all my rambling, I could be accurately accused of still not giving suggestions so here are a few. I start with a basic overall philosophy”Run Nigeria the way you will run your home or business”I do not need to tell the government the following

  • Fix Benin-Lagos road. Just give out the contract and ensure it is done.
  • Complete whatever the abandoned project at Muritala International Airport is.
  • When fertilizer is imported at a subsidy, ensure it gets to the farmers who it was imported for and not sold in the black market.
  • Do not give “militant” Niger Deltans money for doing nothing. It is a VERY dangerous precident. Put them in the Navy, Police or to work. Let people work before they are given money.
  • Do not bribe judges or electoral officers. 
  • Create a salary scale for ALL politicians and tie it to the national wage scale. More money for National Assembly, then more for teachers and drivers and vice- versa.
  • Ensure only professionals build roads and construct buildings
  • Stop the Nigerian police from being a glorified personal security outfit for politicians and the rich.
  • If people steal or commit crimes, they should go to jail.
  • Do not play politics with TINAPA. Pass the necessary laws that would allow it become a free trade zone.

I could go on forever. If you notice, I did not mention any slightly complicated thing such as trade alliances, foreign policy, fighting terrorism, Nuclear plan etc. A 10 year old knows what should be done to make Nigeria a fairly decent place to live. You and I do. The people running ruining this country do.

But you see, there is a HUGE difference between knowing what to do and doing it. Those in power today are not interested in doing what is right. It is just that simple.So until I have the capacity to get things changed either personally or through the right people, I will keep my obvious suggestions to my self and focus on keeping the fire burning.