These Mediocre Citizens Keep Pulling Us Back

When it comes to trying to progress, there is nothing more infuriating than an incompetent person insisting his efforts are the best that can be. And goes further to stop anyone from trying since all that can possibly be done has been done.

You would recognize it everyday in Nigerian conversations.

You say : “In America and other developed nations, they never take light”

They’ll retort: “America is older than Nigeria”

You’ll remind them: “Malaysia does not have power problems and they are our age”

They’ll say: “But they have a small population. that’s why it’s easier to manage”

You respond: “But China is 9x more populated than Nigeria”

They’ll keep going on. Their minds are capped Just like Doyin Okupe who said the Nigerian economy cannot support new trains.

They are quick to excitedly measure Nigeria against the worst slums in US, pollution in China and plane mishaps in Malaysia. They measure downwards.

If only they would get out of the way for someone else to show them it can be done. But they won’t. They are as stubborn as they are visionless and mediocre. And that is holding us back.

They sincerely believe having a few trains is progress enough. They ridicule you for daring to think we can and should do better! They admonish you for being ungrateful with the single digit growth of the economy. For the taring of Lagos – Ibadan road. For the promise of a single bridge across the Niger.

Oh! If by fortune, you get in and get things done, they’ll argue “it would have happened anyway” or “it was luck”
Dubai: Before and AfterThe above shows infrastructural progress in Dubai within a few years. It is as a result of deliberate planning based on a vision. It did not just happen.

Show these mediocres this and you will be given a reason why it is justifiable and why we are still where we are. These people are our enemies without? knowing it.

They are not content with being blind, they want to blind us all.

We cannot let it happen.

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