The most illogical argument in the world!

In other words, your motives have aligned with the bombers. They want him out, so you want him out. So you would support Buhari if he did another coup and executed Jonathan et al on bar beach?

The bombers bombed so that sentiment in the public would become like yours. You have shown them that they are succeeding. You are encouraging them to throw more bombs. So don’t complain when more bombs arrive, afterall it’s you who wrote that what they want is what should happen.

That is a comment from my friend Mark Essien on my previous post   Normally, I would not bother with such a comment but  unfortunately, he is not in the minority having this position. 

Let us examine the second (bold) paragraph, i’ll assume the first is a typo.

  • Someone/people point out your incompetence.
  • People create scenarios to prove it  
  • isn’t it a great opportunity to shine and show why they are wrong?

Rather, Mark and his cohorts are arguing.. “they are doing it so you will say I am incompetent. If you agree they would have won”


Like a said sometime ago, the political class might not be our only problem; our fellow citizens give them the authority to incompetently preside over us. They actually have a mandate. I really hope the Marks are in the absolute minority.

Or am I the one that is not seeing things ‘normally’?