Citizen Fatigue.

My good friend (and Buhari’s not so good friend) Bayo described the deafening silence trailing the kidnapping of NYSC members in Rivers State as Citizen fatigue.

The realization that such things (failed state symptoms) are now normal.

As you can notice from the frequency of my posting, I too might be suffering from citizen fatigue. Maybe those that wanted ‘change’ have a right to suffer from this, but do those that opposed change have the right to get fatigued so soon?

I think my fatigue is not as a result of the government’s ‘reaction’ because it was expected, but from the reaction of the fellow citizens.

My friends Aboyeji and Lotanna said they ‘understood’ the reasons for the kidnapping of innocent citizens.

This one is financial, unlike the ‘religious’ ones in the North they argued.


Of course they are not the only ones whose responses “don tire me”.

The #ProtectThecorpers campaign was expected to be reignited with this new development. but no, the corpers were not Kidnapped in the North. (Rivers does not sound like Bauchi … doh!).

For a country that  NEEDS a drastic overhaul URGENTLY, the mind set of it’s citizens is so divergent, so conflicted.. Each with his/her own views; his/her own goals? As a result, we the citizens  would most probably keep seesawing at the level we are operating while time will pass us by and the ruling class will continue to plunder our resources and our future.

Fortunately, fatigue is temporary.