Before We Boycott “These Xenophobic South Africans”

Some South African Looting
Some South African Looting

As a result of the mindless Xenophobic attacks by some Black South Africans on their fellow brothers, especially those who are citizens of countries that sacrificed for their freedom, there has been understandable anger.

However, I have seen a lot of this anger being directed towards ALL South Africans. As a Nigerian, I know how unfair it is when I am punished daily as a result of the criminal activities of a very tiny fraction of my fellow citizens.

I know a lot of very decent South Africans who are as outraged and embarrassed as a result of these evil attacks. Any irrational reaction from other countries would make it bad for the good guys. The ignorant xenophobic folks would lose nothing if we target South African companies. As the saying goes, “he that is down fears no fall.”

Some South Africans  Protesting Against Xenophobia
Some South Africans Protesting Against Xenophobia

Let us be clear on something, the failure of Black South Africa is the failure of the ANC. Not the whites, not the foreigners, and to an extent, not the criminal Afro-Xenophobic wretches who feel subdued even in barbarity.

Millions of South Africans (especially blacks) are in dire need of jobs and education. Rather than double down in fixing the structural issues that leave them frustrated and turn a lot of them babaric, Jacob Zuma spends $30 million renovating his house in the village.

Black Africa is in dire need of effective leadership. Unfortunately, the top two most powerful countries in Sub Saharan Africa have had the worst of leadership for the past have decade at the same time!

When I speak to Nigerians who can process beyond renovated locomotive trains, we agree that Nigeria has a responsibility towards the black world. We are the “most powerful” and most influential black nation and we have not really set the bar high enough. I am hopeful that we will start seeing things begin to change for the better.

As for these Xenophobic attacks, the culprits are clear. Jacob Zuma and the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini are clearly responsible. I have no idea how thay can be punished right. As for the tragedy of black South Africa, the ANC as an organization has failed.

Hopefully, things change before they run that nation into the ground.

The future doesn’t look so bright.