A Letter to my Fellow Nigerians on the Eve of Our Presidential Elections

My fellow citizen,

I write this to bring awareness to something crucial as we approach the final stretch of the most important election Nigeria has ever had.

Although a lot of us are on different sides of the aisle, quite a number of us want to get to the same destination, a great Nigeria. Most of us even agree on the road we’ll take but we differ on the driver that will get us there best.

However, we should be very careful not to destroy our vehicle as we argue this out. We should be VERY careful of those who may seem to be on our side, but are motivated by selfish interest. They do not want mind our vehicle not moving (perhaps they sell pure water and the more we stay on the same spot, the more money they make). Some of them would prefer the vehicle gets decimated (maybe they sell parts).

The next 72 hours will be crucial and very tense in our country (Interestingly, I wrote this line driving through Kaduna earlier today). Nigeria with its historical tribal and religious tensions is like a plot of dried wood. Election time is when a tanker spills in the vicinity.

Any spark can ignite the flames. When fire buns, it is not selective.

I ask that you do not let yourself be a part of the tool that can be used to crate the spark. Resist sharing or spreading rumors. Cross check and double check every information. Do not spread propaganda even though you think it may help your side.

Resist the urge to be angry or act on anger. Return a kind word for every angry word. Commit to put the interest of Nigeria first. Commit to being the same voice on your side of the aisle.

God willing, we’ll come out stronger after this experience.

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my might  
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me God

I remain your brother

Oo Nwoye, KCOB