When your enemy’s enemy is not your friend.

  • The West hated Gaddafi for political and more importantly financial reasons.
  • A little percentage of the population hated Gaddafi for political reasons (‘Freedom’ etc)
  • Extreme Islamic fundamentalists (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group amongst others) hated Gaddafi for not allowing their form of Islam reign

The ‘Arab spring’ Libyian edition was an opportunity the enemies saw as the perfect chance to topple Gaddafi.Topple they have done. Yaaaay!! Right?


The LFIG is like the child of the Taliban and Al Qedda but holing Libyan citizenship. In the West’s desire to topple Gaddafi they have inadvertently allied (not the fist time. Hello Taliban and Bin Laden) and befriended with universal enemies who now have a firm sake in ‘The New Libya”

Abdelhakim Belhadj of the LIFG is the commander of the Tripoli Military Council. A few days ago, a there was an assisted a jail break of all their members from a high security prison in Libya. Or as CNN and other western media put it, they was a liberation of prisoners at a notorious Tripoli prison.

When ever this dust settles we would be seeing a new base of terrorism right here in Africa. It seems Malaria, AIDS and IMF are not enough.

So what so what will be the result when the HQ of Terror is based in the Middle of North Africa? When people like Muttalab do not need to travel all the way to Yemen for training? When LIFG is 3 hours flight away from Boko Haram?

Of course NATO, America and co knew all of this but you see, it is not on their turf and this one is sweeter, they have no soldiers on the ground so expenditure and risk are really low. While the Libyan oil will flow in the right direction, violence will flow in ours.


Putting our Legislators to Work

When Babatunde Fashola signed the Lagos new Tenancy bill into Law on Wednesday (Yesterday), it occurred to me that the legislative arm of government is not only about sharing money, probing the executives or screening commissioners and ministers after all.

Members of this arm of government are elected as per constituencies and the idea is that each member represents a cut population from the state or country and so the legislative assembly either at the local, state or national government is supposed to be the true voice of the people to the government; getting the government to prioritise issues that the people yearn for.

What we have largely seen is the legislative houses becoming a tool for the executive; as prominent issues for discussions at their sittings are largely bills sent from the executive such as tenure elongation, ministerial screening rather than bills for the populace. The legislatures owes a duty to scout their constituencies – identify what members they represent clamour for – bring such issues to the house and pass bills that ensures the executives do these things. This is what separates democracy from militocracy.

So, kudos to the Lagos legislators. Tenancy has been a big Lagos problem and a bigger Nigerian problem. Say, I ask to rent a house and the landlord asks me to pay N18,000 monthly with a 3 year down payment – that is N18,000 x 36 months which is N648,000. Meanwhile, I am a fresh graduate who is fortunate enough to have just started a N125,000 a month job two months earlier – plus a car the company insists takes away N35,000 monthly from my pay over 5 years. Of course, I will take the car as a brand new LBB (Lagos Big Boy). So, how do I pay this rent demand? My landlord doesn’t care and should I improvise any means to pay as it seems every Lagos landlord has conspired to demand the same thing from me? But now, thanks to this new law, I am only obliged to pay 12 months maximum in advance and subsequently pay every 6 months; because the law says,

It shall be unlawful for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive from a sitting tenant rent in excess of six (6) months (one year in the case of a new tenant) in respect of any premises.

This is just the beginning of better things ahead as I hope rental payment will eventually become a monthly affair, since my salary only comes monthly. Now, time to go check some new place as my previous 3 years payment expires in 2 months.

Ayo Abiola~ 

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The Fall Of Gadaffi

Befor we all jubilate, let us ask ourselves if it is proper for armed groups within a country to be backed by foreign forces to topple the established government.

My simple answer is no.

If it is a yes, why are Myanmara and Zimbabwe not yet ‘liberated’ with their far weaker armies?

The reward for the foreign liberators would no doubt be the control of Libyan oil resourses. and of course construction contracts to rebuild what they destroyed. Yup, it would be funded by the Libyans.

Gadaffi of course brought this upon himself, feeling like a god, he did not deem it fit to ally with the Russians, Chinese or other important countries. Not a single country came to his aid. I am sure he is having hunched shoulders now.

I really hope this turns out well for the Libyans. Considering the role Islamic militant groups played in topling the government, I forsee a new battle.

Let us see how this plays out.

Oya Asaad, Ahmedinijad and Chavez; you know every.

I hereby call on the African Union to be dissolved. It is a waste of name, time and space. It is clear Africa is independent in name only. The performance of African ‘leaders’ in Ivory Coast and now Libya is embarrassing at best.

Tenure Elongation: The Inmates Have Finally Taken Over The Asylum

When I first heard of the plot for Jonathan to elongate the tenure of the Presidency it sounded too bad to be true. Only an insane person would propose to tamper with that aspect of the constitution while the country is boiling on various fronts and still smarting from the last elections.

I was wrong.

So embarrassing is this move, that vehement supporters of Jonathan are trying to look at the “concept of tenure” in principle; not as it affects Jonathan. Unfortunately, the two cannot be separated.  The logic Jonathan and his boys present is that elections cost a lot and are too contentious. So the intelligent response is to make them more valuable. By stating elections are a problem in Nigeria does than not mean Jonathan is indirectly calling for no election? *GASP!* … that would be treason!

Conspiracy theorists have rumored before that Jonathan is merely acting a long written script to “Sudanize” Nigeria. Whereby, the country is split into two, so the “oil rich South” can have its way. I now believe them.

Let me give you an equivalent of what Jonathan is attempting to do. Remember, this is not only about Jonathan being in power but about Southern rule for 22-23 consecutive years by method of deception. (Yaradua never ruled this country) Can you imagine if immediately Buhari became head of State the first bill to the assemble was to make Arabic the second official language of Nigeria? “In principle”, it would make sense because a vast majority of  Nigerians learn only Arabic. Doing so will improve the literacy percentage of Nigeria. It would also expand our access to knowledge, business opportunities, etc. etc.

By sponsoring this very irresponsible bill first, Jonathan has putthe proposed success if his administration in jeopardy because so early in this administration he will divide the National Assembly, various parastatals, and the Nation. He has set the tone for the next four years.I once asked if Jonathan had goodluck or gave badluck to people directly above him. As president, Nigeria is the only thing above him.

For less “alarmist takes” on this issue read Joachim’s http://dailytimes.com.ng/blog/little-more-four-years and Feyi’s http://aguntasolo.posterous.com/yinmu-the-cynics-guide-to-tenure-elongation-a

Questions From Libya

The United States has now officially recognized the Libyan rebels as the true representative of the Libyan people.

What nonsense!

First of all let me make this very clear, I think Gadaffi is a mad man and should be sent to a hospital far away. Not too long ago; he called l for the split of Nigeria into two. Karma huh?

However, my not liking Gadaffi should not mean I should not speak against the American and NATO backed double standard coup taking place in the oil filled North African country.

Are we now saying if a good number of people  say 1 million people in Maiduguri, Northern Nigeria or California, USA pick up arms against the government in power, they are now the legitimate representatives?

  • How many people oppose vs those that support Gadaffi?
  • Who determines which side speaks for the Libyan people?
  • When did the mandate shift from enforcing a no-fly-zone aimed at protecting civilians to installing a new government?
  • What happens when/if Gadaffi is topples and his supporters pick up arms and oppose the foisted government?
  • Why is one law for Libya and another for Syria?
  • How many protesters will it take for Iran or Venezuelan to be invaded?
  • What about Zimbabwe? Lolz..will not happen, no oil.
  • Can Israel unilaterally decide to protect the Palestinians from Hamas or the Lebanese fro Hezbollah?

First they came for Gadaffi..

Hookes Law.

Hookes law states that if force is applied to an elastic body it will return to its original state provided it’s elastic limit is not exceeded.

Although I am off Twitter and Facebook temporarily, I cannot avoid the news of the constant attacks by “Boko Haram”.

After the numerous attacks and bomb blasts, I am reading that the 100 arrested Boko Haram members will not be tried based on the President’s “carrot and stick policy”.  The policy of this administration is to beg those who attack and threaten the security of our nation.

As a result, the nation is continued to be plunged into greater danger by the day. Bomb attacks have now become a daily occurrence and nothing has changed. The VERY same security personnel supervised by President Jonathan are overseeing the erosion of lasting peace of our country.

The elastic limit of safety, peace and tranquility in Nigeria is being exceeded before our very eyes and NOTHING is being done about it.

Very soon, it may be too late.


The Weird NYSC act and 234Next’s ‘Hatchet’ Job

This will be brief.

First of all I am in full support of a National Service scheme. The NYSC needs reform and the Deziani case a a prime example.

If you attend University, you cannot be a Minister if you have not done NYSC. If you did not attend University, you do not need the NYSC certificate.

Since non University graduates are appointed as ministers, it going to University puts you at a disadvantage.

This makes no sense whatsoever.

The 234Next ‘Hatchet’ job

It is obvious that 234Next has an axe to grind with Deziani or maybe someone who has an axe to grind with here is giving info to 234 next.

However, I find it really silly for people to attack 234next for doing their job no matter how selective it seems at this moment. The questions should be:

  • Are the stories true?
  • Do they deliberately overlook stories of other people?

I personally think this NYSC story has killed the steam of the “Jeweler Sweetheart Deal” which is a far more important and incriminating story. The NYSC story should have come before it.

I know Maiduguri was bombed again my previous position on Jonathan’s failling still stands. Of course there are people that will rather we keep quiet about the insecurity of the nation because speaking out means we are with the terrorists. Awesome logic.


Abuja Bomb Blast: When Will Enough Be Enough?


For how long shall we allow politics to halt our brain cells? I do not mind being accused of seeing nothing good in Jonathan but do you guys realise the HQ of the Nigerian Police Force is supposed to be one of the safest places in the country?

Everyone from Governors to diplomats visit the force head quarters so this should be kind of a final straw.

I cannot count the number of bombings that have occurred since October 1st; but I am sure it is more that all the bombings since the Biafran war put together.

More amazing that the same service chiefs have been in office since the the bombings began. How about that for incompetence?!

I have never been a fan of Jo boys ability to keep my country safe but I was willing to give him a chance; then we have this! When does it get enough, after they strike Lagos?!

So if the Inspector General of the Nigerian police is not safe, who am I?

Jonathan said he knew the people behind the the October 1st bombings. Mr President where are they?

Please do not mention Henry Okah; he has been locked up since about 10 bombings ago.

The way forward? Heads should roll! People have to be sacked! People have to be sent to jail. Nothing short of the death penalty for those that get convicted. Mr President has to grow some balls and take action. No citizen(s) should be greater than this nation or hold it to ransom.

The cowardly ‘amnesty strategy’ is clueless and not sustainable and seems to have come full circle. It shows weakness which has no place in any nation.

Without security, there can be no nation.

Jo boy fan boys, go ahead and attack me. Just know that when these fuckers strike, they cannot differentiate between yourselves and I, your friends, families and mine