#TheList: One Nigerian Ministry I’d LOVE To See

The list of noisemakers Ministers comes out today. There is ONE Ministry that I think would ensure Nigeria grows aggressively in the next few years.

The Ministry of Regional Development.

This would be made up of 6 Ministers. One in charge of each of the Geopolitical Zone they come from.  Basically, NDDC for each of the the zones.

The Federal Government would basically have Super Executive Governors that would intervene directly in each of the regions.

“Soludo, you think, you would be a better Governor of Anambra? Here Take 100 Billion a Year and be the Governor of the South East”.

“Hi there, Fashola, you would have been much better as a Governor  of Lagos if not for the interference of the Lion of Bourdillon? Ok, Here, be the Executive Governor of the South West. No fear of Impeachment, PMB does not need to be settled”

SS, NC, NW and most importantly, NE (If i were a betting man, I’ll bet on an MK Ahmed)

The other Ministers (Works, Power etc) can theoretically act as the commissioners for these 6 executive Governors.

You get the drift.

Now let’s wait for #TheList

  • Okeh Emmanuel Boraxe

    This was almost how it was in the formative years of Nigeria which actually gave us the most solid developmental strides in our history, but the the fear of the typical Northerner is that the regions/leaders will get strong and unsurp his political grip….and possible regional secession… It will never happen until the day an Igbo man is President

    • You lost me when you tried to blame the North.

      What have your Igbo Governors done right in their States? Jonathan “our son” was president for 6 years, what changed.

      Once you go tribal, you lose any chance of co opting others to move this nation forward.

      PS: Almost ALL development in the SE was done when a Northern person was president. So please wake up.