On The Men Around Buhari

Buhari, Tinubu and Fayemi

One of the quite valid criticisms people (mostly the undecided) have with the Buhari candidacy has to to with the people that surround the otherwise “untainted General”. How can he crack down on corruption when he is surrounded and financed by “questionable and arguably corrupt characters”.

High on this list of questionable characters, is the man we all know as Jagaban! AKA Ashiwaju AKA Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

If I wanted to play technical gymnastics, I could point out that Tinubu has never been convicted in any court of law. I could also be diversionary and point our the great work and foundation he built in Lagos (competently corrupt). I could even go skillfully bizarre and state the money he gets is utilized within Nigeria (patriotic corruption) unlike the others who damage the economy by taking money out of the country (treasonable corruption).

I will do none of that.

Here is how I actually see things.

As an individual, if I take stock of my allies and supporters, I have to admit that many of them would “fall short” in many moral departments. If you are going to be honest, it would apply to you too. Realistically, I would not expect you crack down on your questionable allies that are loyal to you. I also do not expect that from Buhari or Jonathan.

Secondly, if you really want to be the President of a nation, you will have to dine with those you detest. ESPECIALLY if we are talking of attaining power via democratic means. Else, you end up like Gani Fewehinmi

Despite the points above, what matters most is the personal will of the leader. This is where Buhari stands heads above shoulder vs his competitor Jonathan.

The fact you have “runs girls” and “yahoo boys” in your crowd of supporters doe not mean your deposition towards the vices would change. It does not mean you will tolerate it. If you are a true leader, you would rub off on your followers. At the very worst, the few of them will remain the way they are. They should never influence your disposition.

I can easily use the relationship of Pastors Adeoye and Oritejafor to drive home my point.

Buhari has shown time and time again, that even when surrounded by renowned crooks (IBB was his Chief of Army Staff while Head of State, Abacha was his President while he was in PTF) he stands firm and corruption around him is at a minimum. He takes charge.

Can you state the same for Jonathan?

While I keep referring back to Jonathan is because like I said in my previous post, this election is about two people not one vs an ideal fantasy candidate.

Finally, the most realistic way to dilute the potency of the “bad people” in a group is to add more “good people”. If you are good, then please join us.

Oo, Why Buhari?

General Muhammadu Buhari

It is no secret I am supporting General Muhammadu Buhari for the presidency of Nigeria. I voted for him in ’07 and ’11. In ’03, I voted for Ojukwu but I was definitely not against Buhari.

So why do I have so much faith in this man?

I’ll try to articulate my position in a few paragraphs.

First of all, let me clarify one thing. Buhari is no saint and he definitely does not have a magic wand to cure all Nigeria’s ills. I’ll go further and state that Buhari is not the best man to preside over Nigeria. I’ll extend that and even add that I know a few people I think will do a better job than him (I’m sure everyone does).

Sadly, that is not how life or elections work, especially in a popular democracy model.

To win a Presidential election, you have to first of all offer to run and most importantly, have the ability to win a National election.

Using the filter above, we are usually left with the usual suspects who we call recycled. Of these recycled people who come out to contest, I believe Buhari has consistently been the best placed (by a wide margin) to get Nigeria off the wrong path

The “wrong path?”

I am not alone in thinking Nigeria’s biggest foundation problem is endemic corruption. State sanctioned corruption and in this last dispensation, insecurity. There can be no national unity, economic growth, great infrastructure, good healthcare, wonderful education etc in a country that is insecure and endemically corrupt.

If you do not agree with that last paragraph, that’s where we disagree fundamentally. It’s ok to disagree.

If you agree that corruption and insecurity are Nigeria’s most urgent issues of those that have contested to run, who else has epitomized the fight against corruption or the ability to crush terrorist uprisings /insecurity more than Buhari? He has consistently shown his abhorrence for corruption (I agree, a bit too aggressively at times). As for tackling insecurity, go ask the Chadians and Maitatsine about the General

[If all the proof of corruption and financial impropriety against a man who was head of the North East, The Petroleum Ministry, NNPC, the country Nigeria and a Petroleum Trust Fund is newspaper clippings alleging 52 suitcases filled with Naira and money disappearing from a UK account, it is fair to say the man is quite clean.If running against 3 incumbent presidents is not enough motivation to provide proof and nail him, it is obvious that there is nothing to see.]

Endemic corruption is a top down issue in Nigeria. As long as the head is not corrupt, at least 30% of Nigeria’s corruption goes overnight. When the president or the head of a place is corrupt, it gives cover to every other thief below.

All forms of corruption can never be eliminated. Even in China where there is risk of capital punishment, there is still corruption. However, elimination nation stunting corruption is what a president with political will and credibility can do very easily.

Between Jonathan and Buhari, it is clear Buhari the best person with the political will and credibility to tackle the nation stunting corruption and insecurity that exists in Nigeria

This is the first post of many where I try and articulate my thoughts. If you want me to address anything specific, please send me an email ositanwoye@gmail sadly commenting will no be available at this time.