A Letter to my Fellow Nigerians on the Eve of Our Presidential Elections

My fellow citizen,

I write this to bring awareness to something crucial as we approach the final stretch of the most important election Nigeria has ever had.

Although a lot of us are on different sides of the aisle, quite a number of us want to get to the same destination, a great Nigeria. Most of us even agree on the road we’ll take but we differ on the driver that will get us there best.

However, we should be very careful not to destroy our vehicle as we argue this out. We should be VERY careful of those who may seem to be on our side, but are motivated by selfish interest. They do not want mind our vehicle not moving (perhaps they sell pure water and the more we stay on the same spot, the more money they make). Some of them would prefer the vehicle gets decimated (maybe they sell parts).

The next 72 hours will be crucial and very tense in our country (Interestingly, I wrote this line driving through Kaduna earlier today). Nigeria with its historical tribal and religious tensions is like a plot of dried wood. Election time is when a tanker spills in the vicinity.

Any spark can ignite the flames. When fire buns, it is not selective.

I ask that you do not let yourself be a part of the tool that can be used to crate the spark. Resist sharing or spreading rumors. Cross check and double check every information. Do not spread propaganda even though you think it may help your side.

Resist the urge to be angry or act on anger. Return a kind word for every angry word. Commit to put the interest of Nigeria first. Commit to being the same voice on your side of the aisle.

God willing, we’ll come out stronger after this experience.

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my might  
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me God

I remain your brother

Oo Nwoye, KCOB


What Happens If Buhari and APC Fail?


A lot of people have asked me, what happens if Buhari “falls your hand” after all your faith in him? What APC fails you and you supporters?

Here’s my answer

I trust Buhari and his party APC not only to do better than Jonathan, but to do great for Nigeria. (3/10 is better than 2/10 but it is still a failure. 8/10 is a great score).

However, in the unlikely event that he fails there has to be consequences and that consequence is electoral failure in 2019. If they fail, his government should not be reelected, period.

In reality, people fail people, people fail themselves. Sometimes, through no faults of themselves, sometimes by crass incompetence. But failure remains failure. In the matters of 170+ million, “he is trying his best” is not acceptable.

One of the major issues holding Nigeria backward is that there is no consequences for bad behavior. Cause the death of many Nigerians, “nothing dey happen”. Squander resources and you have mobile policemen escorting you to the court. Lose territory, Resources and Citizens you’ll have people saying “it is not easy now. there are people that don’t want him to succeed”

There is no organization that can be great if there are no consequences for poor behavior and failure.

One of the great deceptions and enemy of good governance and is that there is something called “a complete term” for a President or any electoral office. There is a reason we have 4 year terms. You MUST earn an extension of 4 years is should never be automatic.

In politics, losing power is the ultimate disaster for a politician. It is why they are beholden to anyone or thing that can guarantee they hold unto power. If staying in power is guaranteed by serving the Godfather, they’ll serve the Godfather. If it is by having money and buying their way, they’ll steal money, and buy their way.

We can clearly see the difference between Pre 6 weeks postponement Jonathan and Post 6 Weeks postponement Jonathan. Once he realized he would lose the election, he began doing what he should have done in the previous 4 years.

If Jonathan wins this election, there is no reelection to require he sits up. There will be no 6 weeks extra time. There will be nothing to hold him with.

A Buhari victory will not only send a message to PDP, but to Buhari’s APC. “If you fuck us up, we’ll fuck you up. If you like spend Billions on Obas and Militants. We the people call the shots”

A Jonathan victory will send a signal “Once you are in power, the work is over. No matter how badly you do, pay a few people and your reelection is sorted. Do bother with the masses, they realy do not matter”

The choice is ours.

BTW, Gbengba Sesan has told Buhari this to his face.

These Mediocre Citizens Keep Pulling Us Back

When it comes to trying to progress, there is nothing more infuriating than an incompetent person insisting his efforts are the best that can be. And goes further to stop anyone from trying since all that can possibly be done has been done.

You would recognize it everyday in Nigerian conversations.

You say : “In America and other developed nations, they never take light”

They’ll retort: “America is older than Nigeria”

You’ll remind them: “Malaysia does not have power problems and they are our age”

They’ll say: “But they have a small population. that’s why it’s easier to manage”

You respond: “But China is 9x more populated than Nigeria”

They’ll keep going on. Their minds are capped Just like Doyin Okupe who said the Nigerian economy cannot support new trains.

They are quick to excitedly measure Nigeria against the worst slums in US, pollution in China and plane mishaps in Malaysia. They measure downwards.

If only they would get out of the way for someone else to show them it can be done. But they won’t. They are as stubborn as they are visionless and mediocre. And that is holding us back.

They sincerely believe having a few trains is progress enough. They ridicule you for daring to think we can and should do better! They admonish you for being ungrateful with the single digit growth of the economy. For the taring of Lagos – Ibadan road. For the promise of a single bridge across the Niger.

Oh! If by fortune, you get in and get things done, they’ll argue “it would have happened anyway” or “it was luck”
Dubai: Before and AfterThe above shows infrastructural progress in Dubai within a few years. It is as a result of deliberate planning based on a vision. It did not just happen.

Show these mediocres this and you will be given a reason why it is justifiable and why we are still where we are. These people are our enemies without? knowing it.

They are not content with being blind, they want to blind us all.

We cannot let it happen.

My Covenant With Nigerians – Buhari

This Covenant is to outline my agenda for Nigeria and provide a bird’s eye view of how we intend to bring about the change that our country needs and deserves. This Covenant is derived from the manifesto of my party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). It however, represents my pledge to you all when I become your President.

via My Covenant With Nigerians.

Quite a number of people have sincerely asked about the articulated agenda of Buhari. The above is an excerpt of the letter preceding the Buhari Agenda.

You have something to hold him against.

Please do read and share far and wide. Like is appealed in his video statement, please give Buhari a chance.  We have given the present occupant a chance and he has failed.

Let us give another Buhari a try.

Re: Nigeria drafts in foreign mercenaries to take on Boko Haram | Reuters

The West African security source said several hundred foreigners were involved in running major offensive operations against Boko Haram, and were being paid around $400 a day in cash.

via Nigeria drafts in foreign mercenaries to take on Boko Haram | Reuters.

Rather than empower our soldiers and train millions of our unemployed and capable citizens to guard, this government would rather pay mercenaries. What’s more evil is they are paying these guys in a day far more than they pay our guys in a month.

Isn’t that pathetic and evil?

We are not even talking about the danger of a government!!! (not rebels o) using mercenaries. What happens when they stop being paid? Or someone pays them more (they are mercenaries remember?)

If course, there is “little issue” of empowering the various tribal militias within Nigeria with contracts. Ensuring they have the cash flow to recruit more members and stock more weapons.

Jonathan is dangerous to the survival of Nigeria. There is absolutely no way Nigeria can survive four more years of his ‘leadership’.

Of course there are a bunch of Nigerians that see nothing wrong. Their myopic brains cannot process implications beyond 28th of March.

Treasonable Corruption vs Capitalist Corruption. Lagos vs. Abia States

The first half of this post is a rehash of a post I wrote sometime in 2011. It starts with a joke comparing Italian and Nigerian politicians. But first, I have to state this clearly as I am not into yam and goat parables


The number one symptom of resident Nigerian leaders is what I call treasonable corruption. Treasonable corruption is corruption that weakens the state and its citizens. This story below will show the difference between corruption and treasonable corruption.

There were two politician friends. The one from Nigeria called OJBee and the Italian called Belunisco.

OJBee went to visit Belunisco in Italy who showed him his great wealth. Belunisco showed him his flashy cars, his lush houses and his latest private jet. “This year alone, 30 million dollars” Belunisco said smiling. OJBee asked, “Ahhh! How you do it?” Belunisco smiled and said, “I will show you”

Belunisco then took OJBee to the 30th floor penthouse of his latest luxury apartment and pointed far away and said “You see that bridge over there?” OJBee responded “Yes, Yes, Yes”. Belunisco replied, “15%”.

OJBee thanked Belunisco and invited him to visit Nigeria in 18 months. “I will retaliate” were OJBee’s parting words.

In 18 months, Belunisco visited Nigeria and retaliate OJBee did!

OJBee showed him his latest Estates “Do not mind these useless bad roads” as they galloped in OJBees latest jeep. “I have 7 more jeeps in case this one spoils. I spent $1 million on big generators and I have diesel supply for the next ten years. “I made $100 million in 18 months.” OJBee said smiling.

“How did you make all this money?” Belunisco asked. “I learnt from you o” OJBee replied. “Come let me show you”

They took a helicopter ride to Onitsha.

“You see that second Niger bridge?” OJBee asked. Belunisco replied, “No”.

OJBee said, “100%”.

That my friend is treasonable corruption. While Belunisco is corrupt, OJBee is treasonably corrupt. Corruption is everywhere in the world and does not lead to underdevelopment. Treasonable corruption does.

Corrupt citizens do not practice treasonable corruption. Corrupt residents do.

Take a look at Abia and Lagos states and compare the level of development in both states since 1999. The PDP and Igbo apologists who all have their houses in Lagos would want you to believe that they are all the same when it is clearly not the case.

Tinubu and Orji-Kalu
Tinubu (Lagos) and Orji-Kalu (Abia) 1999-2007

I remember last couple of years during the deportation saga, shameless Orji Kalu was trying to lay so much claim to Lagos on behalf of the Igbos after putting his state on the path of penury.

Here is and illustration expanding further: State A and State L have allocation of N1 billion/month.

The principal of State L finds a way of increasing it to 10 billion/month and diverts N5 billion monthly for personal use and uses the remaining N 5 billion to develop the state.

The principal of State A diverts 900 million from the 1 billion and leaves the state with 100 million

You can decide to say the State L guy increased revenue by 4 Billion monthly or squanders 5 billion monthly (it’s both).

You can decide if State A is better than State L since he stole “only” 1/5th of State L or if he is worse by stealing 90% of State A’s income.

A huge problem is that in a land filled with State As, the state L guy is clearly king.

Fashola (Lagos) and Theodore Orji (Abia) 2007- 2015
Fashola (Lagos) and Theodore Orji (Abia) 2007- 2015

My opinion is simple. Both of these guys are thieves and should be jailed ( I actually want worse but I digress). However, if I were forced to choose between the governor of State L and State A, my choice is very clear. State L every time!

Now the PDP is trying hard to convince people that A and L are the same instead of clamping down on both  or at worst having L to be the minimum acceptable.

PDP is so endemically corrupt that rather than persecute Tinubu a political enemy who they say is corrupt and has had no immunity for 8 years, they decide to do a documentary whilethe PDP goons and zombies cheer on seeking their turn.

Elections on the 28th of March everyone chance to make a statement. Either endorse the way things are or vote to CHANGE it and try another.

The choice is yours.

PS: Like I said at the beginning

A Jonathan Loss is Important for Good Governance In Nigeria

Over 300 days after the abduction of over 200 school girls from Nigerian territory, the Jonathan administration sent Okonjo Iweala to Chibok. She is the highest member of the administration to visit the location of the scandal that would define Jonathan’s ineptitude as Commander in Chief and Chief Security office of the Nigerian state.

Okonjo looks to be in somber mood. NOT!


However, it is pertinent to note that barely a month after the abduction of the girls, Okonjo Iweala stated that she was tired of having to talk about the Chibok girls.

So what changed? Elections.

When it became clear to Jonathan that he would lose the 2015 elections and his legacy would be tainted forever, he orchestrated the postponement of the elections for 6 weeks and began to trying to fulfill the responsibilities for which he was elected. The Nigerian army (arguably lead by Chad) is now claiming back lost Nigerian territory and wiping out the rag-tag terrorists. He even visited Baga and Mubi where he previously said his presence wasn’t important.

This brings me to the question Jonathan would have to answer when this is all over. What would have happened if Jonathan’s Presidency was not at risk? What would have happened if elections were one year away?

We’re aware of the answer to the second question which is ‘nothing’. Boko Haram would have continued killing our citizens and gaining Nigerian territory. Political expediency is the only reason Jonathan decided to protect the citizens he swore to protect. Boko Haram is being as a political tool by Goodluck “I treated Boko Harem with kid gloves” Jonathan.

Thankfully, the citizens have not been fooled. They were not fooled by the phantom fuel price reduction which has cost Nigeria a few hundred billions of Naira and they wouldn’t be fooled by this emergency onslaught of Boko Haram.

Why a Jonathan Loss is Important for Good Governance

If Jonathan knew in April of last year that the Chibok girls would cost him his elections, he would have done something in the 36 hours it took Boko Haram to organize the logistics to carry the girls. Rather, he and a number of our treacherous fellow ‘citizens’ denied the existence of such incident.

If Jonathan knew that allowing Boko Haram to grow from a few ragtags that could be handled by the Nigerian police to an armed unit embarrassing our Army, he wouldn’t have treated them with kid gloves.

Commander in Chief Goodluck Jonathan Sits Down to Address Nigerian Troops
Commander in Chief Goodluck Jonathan Sits Down to Address Nigerian Troops

If Jonathan looses this election, then whoever becomes President would be aware that the people can vote them out if they decide 6 months is too long for the Universities to be closed down or that young citizens dying because they decided to look for a job is unacceptable.

However, if Jonathan wins this election, it would be clear that being in power is all that matters to stay in power. Loosing 5 states to a bunch of rag-tags and squandering off all the nations wealth would not be such a big deal. Borrow money from the Chinese to refurbish a few trains and you’ll be guaranteed your birth right of two terms would be given to you.

It’s left to us to decide the message we want to send.