Guest Post: Why I Will Vote Buhari – Igbo Boy.

Muhammadu Buhari, Ogbuagu 1 of Aba (in beads)


My friend, a “real Igbo Boy” sent this post for me to publish. Due to political circumstances, he cannot be seen publicly supporting Buhari. (Yeah Yeah, free elections indeed). Therefore I cannot include his name.

I held back for a few days because I do not like the idea of publishing stuff without a name to it. But since there are no accusations or potential slander, I decided to go ahead

Why does his tribe matter? Loads of people try hard to make me believe as an Igbo boy, I am a rare exception in supporting Buhari. I have been told severally, I am not a real Igbo boy because of my support. Labelled a traitor (people that this election serious)

If there are 3 Igbo boys around, this man would be counted. So personally, it is a big deal that he sent this in unsolicited.

Now, let’s hear the Igbo Boy.


I like Buhari. I am not going to bore you with facts and figures nor would I pretend that my reasons are rational. Voting, I believe, is usually based on an emotional decision. Anyone trying to convince us to a contrary view does not understand the decision making process that goes into voting. So this is my attempt at trying to discover or explain the first sentence of this article.

Maybe it was because of the stories I heard when I was growing up. We all heard the stories of former leaders and the  effect that they had. Of all of them, the stories about Buhari/Idiagbon and Murtala resonates the best. Murtala was the one that tried to stand up to the west and their exploitation of Africa. While Buhari tried to curb our penchant for what Feyi Fawehinmi termed as “Anyhowness”. All the old heads from my younger days say that there was a semblance of order and corruption was not visible as it once was. it must be said here that I wouldnt vote for Murtala if he was on the ballot today. I know what he did during the Civil war. There are similar allegations against Buhari. Perharps the evidence presented against him does not sway me emotionally. Or maybe I just think they are cooked up for the elections.

Outside his service as HOS, there are also stories of lifestyle. He is said to be honest, ascetic and humble. He drove himself around Kaduna and even queued at filling stations. Now this is a big deal for me. I grew up in a town were people really hate haughtiness. Everyone knew everyone and the town wasn’t affluent so displays of wealth weren’t just frowned upon, it was punished. So the usual show-offs by our political and economic elite specially irks me. So anyone who has a reason to be haughty and proud but declines to do so gets a  from me.

Then there is PTF. There seems to be an attempt at a critical re-evaluation of his service at PTF with mixed results. Some say that his work was largely sectional. That projects were skewed heavily to the northern part of Nigeria. Others have concluded that the PTF was corrupt. citing the report of the Panel constituted by Obasanjo to investigate its activities. Well, I was old enough to be conscious of the current affairs at the time. I make bold to say that my impression and that of those around me at the time was that PTF was working. I saw the refurbishment of the makurdi-Otukpa road by PW that PTF paid for. The Enugu-PH road was also partially refurbished at the time. I read books donated by PTF in my local school library. This was the first time that I experienced an agency of government actually delivering on governance. It may have been a wrong impression but it was my impression at the time.

We may take this for granted but I grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s. I saw the government as people that just locked up citizens whom they feel had insulted them. To put this in a better perspective, the first time I saw water gushing from a tap connected to the Waterboard was when I was 19. So please excuse me for liking someone who delivered on governance.

Lately, there has been genuine questions raised that has dimmed his star for me. The baboons and Blood speech and the recent interview with Thisday springs to mind. But my sub-conscious finds an explanation for these two. Firstly, everyone is allowed to make daft statements once in a while no matter how grievous we find them. If you judge everyone by the most unpalatable things they have said, then Churchill should be classed as a racist for the things he said about the Mahatma. Same goes, albeit in a lesser weight, to the Thisday interview. (although a larger part of me wants to listen to the audio-transcript).

These are the reasons why I voted him in ’03, ’07 and ’11. That is why I will vote him in 3 weeks again. I feel that he is the best man for the job. I feel that his disciplined and ascetic posture will set the right tone in our government with regards to corruption. Yes, I feel corruption is a big part of our problems and yes I know that one man can change things. Yes, I believe that that man is General Muhammadu Buhari.

The President of Nigeria wields enormous powers in reality. He/She commands all our institutes of coercion. Due to our dependence on Oil, He/She also controls our economic fate. In organisations and communities such as ours, people are leader watchers. We look to see what the leadership is doing and then we conform to or resist their actions. This is why it is important that the president has the right comportment, exudes the correct confidence and communicates leadership. One who leads by example would totally change us. We can’t have a president that feels that some sorts of stealing shouldnt be prosecuted. This means that the “anyhowness” that plagues us will deepen and worsen. We cant endure a President that would dilly dally in matters of security. neither do we need a President that would doubt us when we say that our daughters are missing. I will not be confident in his abilities to protect me.

Without doubt, the current President is the best in my lifetime in terms of infrastructural development. But if I don’t feel safe, eventually, I’d be too scared to ply the roads or use the trains.

I really value loyalty. I rank it as one of the highest virtues that a man may possess. I admire our President’s loyalty to his friends and acquaintances even when their incompetence seems to hurt him. To be honest, I’d rather go down to the bar for a shot or two with the current President than Buhari. But the standards for being my friend are unexpectedly lower and different from the standards required of our President. That may be why I won’t be voting for this President. That is certainly why I will be voting General Muhammadu Buhari.

Oo, Why Not Jonathan? Here Are 3 Reasons.

As a sequel to my post stating my reasons for supporting Buhari, this post highlights my reasons for not supporting the incumbent Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

So why am I against Jonathan?

He and his government have failed woefully in their PRIMARY responsibility. The PRIMARY responsibility of a government is to secure the lives of its citizens and territory.

Every other thing is added to its primary function. Healthcare, Economy, Education, Agriculture, etc are secondary. Extremely important, but secondary.

1. Jonathan’s government has presided over the indiscriminate killing and abduction of Nigerian citizens right here in Nigeria

  • Hundreds of Chibok schoolgirls were abducted and it took Jonathan 3 weeks to believe it was real. Taking advice form Asari Dokubo and co, it was his belief it was the work of the opposition. Sadly practically all those girls are gone for good.
  • Over 100 policemen and women were slaughtered in Nasarawa State by a sect. Yes, 50 times more than were killed in New York. Nope, it did not register on President Jonathan’s radar. The only official retaliation was “forgiveness.” Yes, it is true.
  • Scores of pupils were killed in Yobe as they slept in their boarding house. The condemnation exercise was delegated to Abati.
  • Hundreds died in a bomb blast in Nyanya, the only “suspect” of that incident was sent free. The only outcome of that was Jonathan dancing at a rally in Kano in retaliation the day after. Oh! It was on that day the Chibok girls were terrorized.

The above are just highlights of the callousness and insensitivity to the lives of our citizenry by this president, and any of the above is enough to ensure he does not get re-elected.
There is actually a list  that captures some of the legacy of President Jonathan in securing the citizens of this nation while not giving a damn.

2. Jonathan inherited a complete nation and has presided over the loss of Nigerian territory

The heading says it all. No land, no nation. Under Jonathan’s supervision, a bunch of ragtags were empowered enough to do from sporadic shootings to controlling over 3/4 of the local governments in Boronu state, a large chunk of Yobe and major cities in Adamawa state.

Jonathan actually made a speech in which is admitted treating Boko Haram with “kid gloves”. of course he once stated Boko Haram were “our siblings” It is now clear why these ragtags were encouraged to grow in strength under Jonathan’s administration.

3. Goodluck Jonathan’s government of state-sponsored corruption has squandered Nigeria’s resources

Where do we begin?

  • The Central Bank Governor accused the NNPC of not remitting over $20 billion of Nigeria’s income to the federal account. Jonathan moved fast, not to investigate or clamp don on the thieves, but to fire the whistle-blower. The Minster of Finance promised a “forensic investigation” whose report is months overdue. The same minister is not aware of the bank account that holds the revenue from the sale of Nigeria’s crude oil.
  • ₦2.1 trillion was paid out for oil subsidy in 2011 up from ₦168 billion in 2011. The children of PDP bigwigs such as the Ahmadu Ali were fingered. In retaliation, President Jonathan appointed the Ahmadu Ali as his campaign director.
  • In an act of commitment towards the fight against corruption, Jonathan gave a state pardon to an indicted corrupt past governor of Bayelsa state , Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

These instances above of state sanctions corruption is merely a drop in the bucket.

The worst thing is, Jonathan who has been at the helm for SIX YEARS takes ZERO responsibilities his failures and the government he leads. It is either blamed on the “opposition” and zero actions taken, or on people that were presidents 30 years ago. Give him 4 more years and it will be the fault of those that left 25 years ago.

The above are a summary of why I oppose a continuation of this government headed by Jonathan for another 4 years. I sincerely believe if this continues, there will be no nation called Nigeria.

There are several other points I have overlooked deliberately. I do not need to talk about the failure in provision of infrastructure and the failure to improve the power sector. I will not even talk about his relationship with the initial financiers of Boko Haram etc. My points above are enough and are verifiable nationally and internationally.

Come February 14th 2015, Nigerians will have a chance to either endorse the activities of this grossly incompetent and irresponsible government led by Goodluck Jonathan who has woefully failed to fulfill the oath of office he made on May 29th 2011, or kick him out of office.

The choice is ours.

Beware of the Detractors. Here are Buhari’s Education, Work Experience and Honors

Happy New Year.

A friend and recent convert to the Buhari candidacy told me how he came about supporting Buhari.

According to him, in the last election, he noticed how desperately Buhari’s opponents tried to disparage his character and wondered why all they had in their ammunition were either petty, unverifiable or doctored information. He wondered why they could not focus on facts and substantial issues.

He looked closer, decided to scrutinize and the rest is history.

This is 2015 and the game play is repeating itself.

If you point out that under Jonathan,  20 of the 27 Local Governments of Bornu State have been surrendered to the control of Boko Haram, PDP goons respond asking for Buhari’s certificate.

They want you to believe Buhari who was once the Minister of Petroleum, A Military Governor, Military Secretary, Head of State etc achieved all that without an education.

They do not actually . They want to distract you

Below is a summary of Buhari’s Education , Work Experience and Honours

Buhari has served our nation gallantly  and at worst he deserves not to be lied about.

General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR


03 / 1995 05 / 1999
Executive Chairman



12 / 1983 – 08 / 1985
Commander in Chief


12 / 1983 – 08 / 1985
Head of State


11 / 1981 – 12 / 1983
General Officer Commanding, 3rd Armored Division

08 / 1980 – 01 / 1981
General Officer Commanding, 4th Infantry Division,

07 / 1978 – 06 / 1979
Member, Supreme Military Council

07 / 1978 – 06 / 1979
Military Secretary, Army Headquarters


07 / 1978 – 06 / 1979


03 / 1976 – 06 / 1978
Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources


08 / 1975 – 03 / 1976
Military Governor


09 / 1974 – 07 / 1975
Acting Director Supply and Transport, Nigeria Army Corps Headquarters


01 / 1974 – 09 / 1974
Colonel,General Staff, 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters


07 / 1971 – 12 / 1972
Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Infantry Division Headquarters


02 / 1970 – 06 / 1971
Commander, 31st Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Division


11 / 1968 – 02 / 1970
Acting Commander, 4th Sector, 1st Division, November 1968 –February 1970


08 / 1967 – 10 / 1968
Brigade Major, 3rd Infantry Division


04 / 1967 – 07 / 1967
Brigade Major, 2nd Sector, 1st Infantry Division


1966 – 1967
Battalion Adjutant/Commander, 2nd Infantry Brigade


1965 – 1966
Transport Company Commander, 2nd Infantry Brigade


1964 – 1965
Mechanical Transport Officer, Lagos Garrison


1963 – 1964
Professional Achievements Platoon Commander, 2nd Infantry Battalion



1979 – 1980
Master’s Degree , Military Strategic Studies, General








1956 – 1961




1948 – 1952


GCFR: Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Federal Republic of Nigeria

DSM: Defence Service Medal

Nigerian Army

NSM: National Service Medal

Nigerian Army

GSM: General Service Medal

Nigerian Army

LSGCM: Loyal Service and Good Conduct Medal

Nigerian Army

FSS: Forces Service Star

Nigerian Army

CM: The Congo Medal Honorary

Nigerian Army

Honorary Doctor of Science Degree (Honoris Causa)

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi.

December 1994

Honorary Doctor of Letters degree (Honoris Causa)

University of Calabar

Honorary Doctor of Law degree (Honoris Causa)

Benue State University.